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Lynn Ponder

Lynn Ponder
Founder and creator

a multicultural social media brand with an interactive social platform for brands to connect with consumers. is the first multicultural social press team covering the red carpet and corporate events from a social media point of view.

Lynn Ponder was selected by The Huffington Post as a TwitterPowerhouse Passionista, based on the people contributing to expand, influence and redefine how we view social networking.

Lynn is a renowned executive producer in the Hispanic Advertising Industry with extensive experience domestically and internationally having worked with Fortune 500 Companies like Pepsi, McDonalds, Lincoln Mercury, McDonald’s, GM, Burger King, and Coca-Cola among others.

Since 1999, Owner film production company Peliculas Ponder. Transition to 2010webcitygirls// natural evolution of her brand into digital/social era. Her goal is to continue at forefront of social & digital initiatives. Her passion extends to her blogging and has made her a savvy micro blogger on Twitter and Facebook.

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