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2012 Immigration Summit

The Summit began at 9:45 a.m. as the Master of Ceremony, Lisa Pietri(President of the U.S. region for the National Hispanic Corporate Achievers) who opened the discussion with a short introduction of herself before going into a wuick history of the National Hispanic Corporate Achievers. Pietri then presented our esteemed Title sponsor, David Stoller.

Left to Right: Bruce Goldstein, Executive Director of Farmworker Justice, Senator Gary Siplin, The Florida Senate, KEYNOTE: Dr. Gabriela D.Lemus of the U.S. Department of Labor and Danny Ramos, Chairman of the National Hispanic Corporate Achievers.

PANEL 1: History to Now… Conditions:
Living in Fear, Broken Families & Testimonials

Left to Right: Evelyn and Sarah Rivera (Hope CommUnity Center), David Stoller, Esquire and Title Sponsor of David Stoller Law, Lisa Pietri, President of National Hispanic Corporate Achievers, followed by the rest of the HOPE team: Eli Garcia, Sister Ann Kendrick, Director, and Kristina O’Hern.